Drivers Are Ditching Their Insurance In Favor of "Cheap Alternative"

Anyone with a valid drivers license may want read this before paying their next car insurance bill...

July 28, 2021 — Millions of drivers may have been overpaying on their car insurance for years, but some savvy drivers have figured out a way to save in a big way, getting as much as $610/year taken off their car insurance.

The simple truth is many drivers are not aware that they may be paying too much for their car insurance, so they wouldn't think to seek cheaper rates.

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Those paying more than $67.00 a month on their car insurance may be customers of providers that are secretly hoping more people don't find out just how low auto insurance rates could be.

Specifically, those that have not received a ticket or been part of an accident in the past 9 months may be eligible for a generous savings this year, up to $500 annually. On top of that, those who drive less than 50 miles a day may be eligibile for additional discounts.

Drivers can quickly Compare Quotes for Free Here to calculate their savings and see how low their rates could be.

Drivers Get a Big Win

The current insurance business is old and outdated; often run by insurance agents that are paid on commission and rewarded for selling the highest possible rate.

That's all coming to an end as the insurance industry is finally catching up with the times. For instance, this new online service allows drivers to easily compare quotes online to get the best possible rate.

By using the free service, thousands of drivers have already been able to secure a big savings — often knocking up-to $500 off their current rate for similar (or even better) coverage.

Keep in mind: Drivers are never locked into their current policy. Those who already have insurance can always cancel their current policy in order to take advantage of better, cheaper options.

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